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Whether you are looking to buy or build a software program for your business, or are looking for a second opinion on performance or security issues, we can help.

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When off-the-shelf products are either insufficient or do not yet exist, our personalized software consulting services can provide the perfect solution.

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If you are short staffed or need backup we can give you the flexibility you need. Extend your resources without the expensive overhead.

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Extensive consultancy experience

We have many years of experience with IT consultancy in a wide variety of industries.
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Consultancy services

Buy versus build

The first question on any new project is whether to buy or build a custom software application. If you are unsure, we can assist you in a needs analysis, business process study and documentation overview to give you insight as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.

IT Auditing and Controls (ITAC)

We provide Security and Thread analyses for several environments and assist with ITAC processes on many more.
If you have security issues or problems with the performance of your applications please don't hesitate to contact us.


If your company needs advise on IT issues we are here to help!

Whether you need advise on new software packages or a second opinion on software problems, we can help.

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Performance issues? Security questions?

Whenever you have problems with your new (or not so new) environment, feel free to ask us for advise.

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If your company needs ISO certification or security guarantees by your customers.

We can help to audit your software and advise on improvements.

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Helping you to create software that meets the specific needs of your
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Development services

Unlock your hidden data.

Our company can help you to identify and unlock data hidden in complex systems by creating an accessible and easy to use interface, you become a mandatory item in the list «must have» for business representatives.

Once you have accessed this page, you probably thought about expanding your busiiness outside offline. And it's the right decision!

Integrating suppliers and business associates

Today there are many online channels, you can use to attract thousands of visitors to the site, increase the conversion of web design, and regularly develop business on the Internet.

But in order to use online marketing tools as efficiently as possible, and do not spend wasted budget, you need to create a strategy for internet marketing.


Helping your business with infrastructural
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Administration services

Extra hands.

If your company faces extra work because of upgrades, audits, restructuring or relocation, we can help you with additional resources.

Stand-by service.

If your regular administrator is temporary unavailable, we make sure your IT infrastructure is taken care of.