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Recent Projects


Synchronise webshop data between AFAS/Profit/Insite and Magento


Breakup Java Tomcat based Monolith into Spring Boot modules and port those to Kubernetes with Consul and Keycloak.


Migration of on-site Domino mail & apps to Azure


Connect measuring devices for logging and reporting.


Added a recipe matcher for ingredient stock


Develop a consumer for the new KvK order API.


Add NOW 2.0 data & search functionality.


Import and transform Brewdog recipes


Develop & implement a COVID 19 patient tracking system


Add NOW 1.0 data & search functionality.


Develop & implement additional functionality around the minibrewers.io site

Rino Zuid

Design and implement an archiving & online access solution for a deprecated IBM CRM/Contract system.

Company.info Germany

Develop and implement Company.info Germany.

Outlet Oirschot

Setup configure servers for a webshop. Implement & adjust website design and functionality.


Company.info provides and maintains complete and uptodate company data of all organisations in the Netherlands. Writeup of a high-level design and implementation plan for the introduction of company.info in Germany.

Vers aan tafel maaltijdservice

Migration and consolidation of an Exchange environment into IBM based solutions. Including mail, archiving, external (ERP) communication, signatures and auto-responders.


Arttracker is a SAAS (Software as a Service) application specifically designed to streamline the consignment flow between artists and galleries. Design and development of the application using state of the art techniques for web and mobile

FD Mediagroep

FD Mediagroep is a multimedia company with a unique combination of print, radio, online material and events. Migrating the complete environment of a subidary company from an IBM backend to JEE and MySQL/Elasticsearch, whilst at the same time redesigning the user interface by adding responsive design. The application is accessible across a wide range of devices and is capable of coping with millions of records.


Marfo has a long history of producing fresh frozen meal solutions for airline-, health-, military-/remote- and other large scale customers. Migration of the infrastructure to new hardware, install and configure sametime.


Brainbrokers is a broker for headhunters and applicants. In order to get better matching profiles for companies and applicants, we developed integration between the results of Personality assessments made by a third party and the job search parameter within this application. A webshop with online payment options was designed for the sale of Brainbrokers services.