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Industries & Projects

Customers come first

Focus on customers - not projects. Our work is directed toward developing and maintaining excellent relationships with our customers. The following representative list demonstrates the range of our client base, and highlights some of the successfully completed projects:


  • Management reporting tool
  • CRM system
  • Claims registration tool
  • Webbooster technology
  • SSO Active directory/Domino through DMZ

Financial & Business Services & Accounting:

  • Implementation of Lotus Domino infrastructures
  • Debtor import & matching module
  • Enhanced functionality and performance of financial application
  • Upgrade of Lotus Domino infrastructures and applications from R3 through ND7
  • Connection of Lotus Domino applications to legacy systems
  • Plan of approach, IT vision report for SMB
  • Implementation of Lotus Sametime
  • Blackberry server and applications
  • Customer portal for on-line dossier approval

Consumer goods:

  • Solving performance problems on large and complex applications
  • Design of a software licence registration application
  • Plan of approach, base service description en extended service description for a Domino related service centre
  • Reporting tool for intranet sites
  • Audit and troubleshooting applications and infrastructure
  • Implementation of Lotus Domino infrastructures
  • Trouble-shooting applications, defining design criteria for lotus applications
  • Implementation intranet
  • Administration of hosting servers


  • Implementation Lotus Domino Infrastructure
  • Upgrade and Implementation of workflow applications

Construction and Maintenance:

  • Implemented intranet portal
  • Connection of Lotus Domino applications to legacy system
  • Internet access and firewall
  • Audit Lotus infrastructuur including security and mail optimalisation

Industrial Goods and Services:

  • Migration of Lotus Domino environment
  • Connection of Lotus Domino applications to legacy system
  • Blackberry installation and administration
  • Implementation of anti-spam application

Information Technology:

  • Implementation Domino Workflow
  • OpenNTF Mail Template (Enhanced Lotus Notes/Domino mail template)
  • Implementation Lotus Sametime
  • Upgrade Lotus Domino infrastructure from R5 to ND6
  • WAP enabling Lotus Domino
  • Implementation of Delphi/ASP based internetsite
  • Blackberry installation and administration


  • Development of an Online Fuel Management System
  • Audit Lotus Domino infrastructure and e-mail connections
  • Development of online billing system
  • Development and implementation of an XML middleware server
  • Supply Chain Management application


  • Development of a Logistics application for planning of employees and resources for a multisite environment