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Software Consultancy. provides expert software consulting services.
Whether you are looking to buy or build a software program for your business, or are looking for a second opinion on performance or security issues, we can help.

Software Audit

We provide consulting services in the form of a Software Audit. We can help you to evaluate:

  • Performance Either review your software or database application line-by-line of code or identify the bottlenecks based on database architecture and data flows
  • Security Check infrastructures on both application and OS level
  • Effectiveness and Ergonomics Make sure that your applications are easy to operate and maintain and deliver their full potential.

Server Healthchecks

Our services include detailed investigation and analysis into replication and mail routing topology's, Directory and domain configuration, security, system redundancy, vulnerabilities, network and hardware considerations.

Buy versus Build

The first question on any new project is whether to buy or build a custom software application. If you are unsure, we can assist you in a needs analysis, business process study and documentation overview to give you insight as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.

  • Buy We can help you choose the right software by drawing up selection criteria, solution identification, vendor selection and timeline definition.
  • Integrate Off-the-shelf software applications may have the features you are looking for, but may be incompatible with other applications that are part of your business. In this case, we can help you to integrate the two systems.
  • Customize The software application you purchase may have a variety of features, but lack the one or two features critical to your business process. In this scenario, we can perform a functionality gap analysis to identify what functions are missing and how customization of the application can meet your needs.
  • Build For companies with a specific design or functionality in mind, we can build custom software applications. After the scope definition and development specification, we will develop a prototype. Based on the customer feedback on the prototype, detailed project development specifications will be drawn up. This ensures the customers of an application according to their expectations.