100% Connectivity

From a 1950's house in the vicinity of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, we work with collegues from around the globe. With over 17 years industry experience, we have worked with most of the main systems.

At we believe in strong ideas, innovation and online experience. We utilise a broad skill-set to help bring projects to life.

Our approach involves thinking, challenging and problem solving. Most importantly we like to expose the essence of an idea.

Services we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • — Website Design
  • — Code & Development
  • — Business to business
  • — Unlocking legacy systems
  • — User friendly wrappers for ERP systems
  • — Webservices and connectivity likes to work with individuals or companies that fit our spirit.

We can comfortably take on projects big or small, and have a strong network of freelancers to call on if needed. is always on the lookout for new clients or collaborators.

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+31 499 570 282